Curriculum Management

Centralized curriculum, creating the level of transparency necessary for schools to iterate upon existing teaching materials and practices.

Optimising Outcomes

Track your school’s unique KPI’s to empower your teachers with the information they require to put individulused learning before standrsied teaching.

Content and materials

Expert curated exam board-specific schemes of work, lesson plans, class notes and past exam questions.


Modernizing your assessment process through automated marking, comparative marking and adaptive assessments.


According to the governments ‘Teacher workload survey’, the average teacher spends 53% of their 52-hour work week preparing for lessons and marking papers. Workload is the main contributing factor to 1 in 3 recently trained teachers leaving the profession within 5 years.

By adopting, your school is able to centralise its technology and curriculum, reducing the lesson planning and marking administrative burden on teachers while futureproof the schools blended learning strategy. Leveraging our tools, your teachers are able to optimise their effectiveness and invest more time inspiring subject curiosity in their students, ultimately leading to improved job statisfaction and academic outcomes.

Integration ready

Through our specially developed API, is able to integrate with 100s of other blended learning applications including school management information systems (MIS), student homework applications, teaching resource providers and distance teaching applications.

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